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Your Long Weekend … Is Just Around The Corner

October 27th is Labour Day, which signals what feels like a long over due long weekend. This weekend always seems to be the start of that feel good holiday vibe, no matter what the weather does. Everybody wants to make the most of the long weekend and arrive at work on Tuesday with that mini holiday, light as air feeling.

To have that great long weekend…

Step One: Think about what you’d like to do. Are you want to pack your weekend full of activities or simply relax. There’s a difference.

Step Two: Time and budget. Do you have time or want to spend time getting somewhere? And… as always how much do you want spend (or can afford to spend)? You can have a great weekend in your hometown and cut down on costs associated with going out of town.

Before you get too carried away planning your kick-ass long weekend,

make sure you don’t already have plans.

Step Three: Whether your staying in town or getting away check the web and local papers for events in the area. This will help you determine what you want to go to AND what you may want to avoid.

Step Four: Don’t get too carried away or detailed, but roughly jot down what you’d like to do and see. Make sure you’ve got some back up options should the weather not cooperate. This saves that time honoured tradition of standing around saying “what should we do”.


If you’re hanging out in your hometown your long weekend needn’t be boring… Here’s a quick fire list of things you can do.

  • If you live in a big city, use the weekend as an opportunity to explore parts of the city you’ve never seen before.
  • Host a pot-luck lunch…but to avoiding have hundred of green salads give each person a main ingredient  (i.e Chicken, Sausage) and nominate whether people are bring an entree, main or dessert. Or, if you’re feeling extra dedicated, make it a themed pot-luck lunch.
  • Arrange to catch up with old friends and family you haven’t seen in a while.
  • Find a nice cosy spot and settle down with a good book.
  • Use the extra day as an opportunity to get organised and spring clean your home, donate old clothes, throw out old and broken make-up, pack away some of your heavier winter clothes and get out the duster.
  • Try some of those Pinterest DIY craft projects you’ve saved.
  • Savour some nature, get out and about and go for a walk in the great outdoors.

Just a tip, don’t get all carried away with your long weekend and forget… you’ve most likely got work on Tuesday. Save a little bit of time on Monday afternoon/evening to morph from weekend mode to organised working week mode. I’m forever getting to the end of a long weekend and then realising I’ve done no washing, grocery shopping and am in no way, shape or form organised for the week ahead.

Enjoy the long weekend.