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Mental Health

Tips for Doing! Tips for Achieving!

Achieving can be as simple as believing … and giving it a good solid crack. Think of the things in your life that you’ve not tried for fear of failing, now imagine if you’d believed you could and you did! Imagine all those things achieved.

Quick tips of achieving goals:

1. Break your goals into smaller bite-sized chunks: goals are often abandoned because they are too big and vague break your goal down into smaller tasks.

2. Commit time daily: you don’t have to commit hours  and hours each day towards accomplishing your goal, but you do have to focus. You’ll make great strides long term with smaller, regular calculated efforts.

It can be as simple as 15mins a day, or a couple of hours a week.

3. Paint yourself into a corner: accountable is a great motivator.  Tell others  your plan and they’ll most definitely be interested in your progress and check in with you (and here you are! checking in on me). Accountability will be a great motivator in overcoming any hurdles.

4.Write your goals down: it makes them seem more real, and makes you more committed to achieving them. The best part… crossing them off when you’ve completed or achieved.

5. Review your goals and your progress weekly: If you hit a roadblock or if progress slows ask yourself “why” and act accordingly find out what is blocking your progress and ask yourself if unachieved goals are still important to you.

6. If possible, find a friend: have friends or family be apart of  your goal or project, again accountability will help accomplish goals and “many hands make light work

7. Reward yourself: Who doesn’t love a good reward! To any goal or part of your project attach a specific reward … achieve it and reward yourself (rewards needn’t be huge).

8.Take time to enjoy success.

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