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A Guide To Being Grateful.

Throughout May I’ve challenged myself to show gratitude everyday… highlighting 3 things that I was grateful for via The Restless Empire Facebook page. I was amazed at the feedback  this simple exercise got, people wanted to know how to do the same and were commenting that they liked seeing my posts each day.

Before I delve into the how, let me first explain the why.

I’d read so many things and seen so multiple clips which boiled down to “want to be happy? Be grateful!”. Fuck it! I thought, I do want to be happy and this sounds too easy. The point of this wee challenge was to find out the answer first hand. Does being grateful and showing gratitude make you happier?

In an interview with Gretchen Rubin, author and University of Houtson research professor Brené Brown said “I think the change [in her happiness levels] is the result of letting go of perfectionism, embracing vulnerability, and practicing gratitude.” Brother David Steindl-Rast, a monk and interfaith scholar, suggests happiness is born from gratitude.

Imagine if gratitude was the answer, or at least part of the answer and you just never tried? It’s not cost prohibitive and it doesn’t involve much at all.

Through all of my reading and research into gratitude, I found multiple apparent benefits of expressing gratitude.


Studies show that expressing gratitude can help you sleep better at night, which in turn has a positive impact on your mood and health. Not only providing you with a restful nights sleep, gratitude has been shown to reduce feelings depression as it obviously promotes think optimistically and being more positive.

Similarly gratitude lessens anxiety which leads to an overall feeling of peace. Being rested and feeling positive from the flow on effects of expressing gratitude increases your heart health through greater attention to positive behaviours… like fitness and nutrition as well as reduced inflammation.

Gratitude also strengthens the memory, studies show that elderly adults practicing gratitude are shown to have improved their overall sense of well-being and quality of life.

For me though, I have felt stronger mentally. During challenging situations I’ve managed to turn my thinking around and see things from a place of gratitude. I’m not the worlds most positive person, negativity is sometimes a key part of my sarcastic humour but I’m finding added positivity has it’s benefits.

I’m only 14 days into the month, but I am really feeling the benefit of expressing gratitude, although there is always work to be done. I have to work on my negative attitude towards my own abilities (or lack there of), at the gym I unfairly compare myself to others rather than focusing on myself.

I need to be more grateful.

How to

I’ll break the “how-to” down for you…

  1. Make a regular time… whether it’s each day or each week. Make a date and stick to it. I chose 8:30pm each night because it was before bedtime and felt like I was ending the day on a high note.
    Pick a time that is quiet and when you won’t necessarily get interrupted, this is an activity just for you!
  2. Write down what you’re grateful for… writing it down will cement things and will force you take a break and acknowledge these things properly. What you write can be just for you, it doesn’t need to be publicly shared.
    If it helps buy a nice hard covered note book and pen to write with… make it s ritual! 
  3. Start small… you don’t need to leap straight to every day. Start small with weekly.
  4. Practice acknowledging things your grateful for throughout the day, you needn’t write them down… just take a moment to acknowledge to yourself. If you’re feeling really crazy, practice out loud in conversation with friends and family, there’s a strange power from saying out loud “I’m grateful for…”
  5. Allow yourself to be human, not everything your grateful for will be profoundly deep and some days you’ll spend a while coming up with things. Of course you can repeat things! That’s 100% allowed…
    Hell, I included I was grateful for coffee and high fives, which of course I am, but it’s not quite the same level as clean drinking water.

Don’t stop once you results…

Best of luck



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  1. Sofie

    I am so Happy & grateful for my fimlay.I am so Happy & grateful for my friends.I am so Happy & grateful for my health.I am so Happy & grateful for my happy home that I am never hungry or without a roof over my head.I am so Happy & grateful that I have tools to help me through life.I am so Happy & grateful that I have options; that I am free to make choices.I am grateful for my mom and my entire fimlay.I am grateful for my new college.I am grateful for my cats.I am grateful for the knowledge to be grateful.I am grateful for being alive.I am grateful for my strength.I am grateful for all my life experiences, thus far.I am grateful for the chance to have felt true love.I am grateful for my peace & blissfulness.I am grateful for every living thing that has ever helped me.I am grateful for good times, laughter and joy.I am grateful for the food I have to eat.I am grateful for bad times which keep me humble.I am grateful for the universe and all of it’s blessings. Thank you.I am grateful for today.I am grateful for the love & support of my fimlay.I am grateful that my body is healing.I am grateful that I feel peace.I am grateful for the ability to smile.I am grateful that I am grateful.I am grateful for new opportunitiesI am grateful for beautiful memories.I am grateful for the good mental & physical health of all of my fimlay members.I am grateful for how happy & at peace I feel today.I am grateful for the abundance in my life.I am grateful that I can always find something to be grateful for.i am thankful for my & my fimlay’s good health.I am thankful to The Earth which gives me clear air, shelter & food for eating to make me happy & stronger.I am grateful for my bike, mobile, my cloths, & everything I used to make me more & more stylist.I am grateful for the abundance of money which makes me rich & happy.I’m so happy & grateful that I have such a beautiful look & great body.

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