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Elizabeth Gilbert’s Unique Approach to the Creative Process.

You possibly don’t know who Elizabeth Gilbert is, I didn’t either at first, Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of Eat, Pray, Love as well as six other books. Stumbling across her speech I was intrigued, she’s a big time author right? I was especially interested after she talked about people now treating her like she was “doomed”… What if she never wrote another best seller?
What if you only ever had one great success? What you’ve already had that one great success?
Much like Elizabeth, I once upon a time told people I wanted to be an author or columnist only to be told “you have to be really good to make any kind of living from being a writer”. I took that to mean I wasn’t any good, so my anxieties and I simply moved on. For a long time I didn’t write, or I wrote fleetingly… never long enough to truly satisfy and never long enough to truly be anything. Just in case I failed.
Elizabeth encourages us to acknowledge creativity as unpredictable, impulsive entity separate from us the individual and that we the artist shouldn’t feel downtrodden when we feel temporarily uninspired. Drawing upon the creative ups and downs of Tom Waits among other creatives she shows us a new way of approaching the creative process
I especially love that she admitted a fear of seaweed… I myself am not fond of chickens and their friends: Geese, Swans, Roosters etc and I’m not overly keen on miniature horses. Anyone who is willing to tell everyone their illogical fears is OK by me.
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